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Meet the Photographer


Owner and CEO of capture the Vision productions LLC. I am a Georgia native that seeks to bring a unique flare to my community through the art of photography. A service that not only captures moments but ages harmoniously for a lifetime. After earning my bachelor's degree in the arts from The Alabama State University, I chose to step out on faith and dive into the  world of photography to explore my passion for story telling and capturing beauty in everything and everyone. 

I have always been a people person, Intrigued by their testimony, the beauty of their smile, and the rarity of their mind. 

When I am not keeping busy as a young female entrepreneur you can find me dancing, exploring the beautiful outdoors, or simply curled up in a blanket reading a good book. I hope to come along on your journey to Capture the Vision you were uniquely divinely born with.

Remember you are God's vision so allow me to capture it!! 

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